Music on the Lane 2019

I'm excited to once again host MUSIC ON THE LANE, a music event in my own backyard.  Several years ago I was talking to God and walking through our yard and just really thinking about what He had given me, what we already had, and what areas He wanted me to serve.  I started thinking about the 6 acres we live on, and the big open yard we have and a seed was planted in my mind of hosting a backyard concert for my community of friends and neighbors.  

So last year we tried it!  And it was lovely, imperfect, yet wonderful to gather as friends and enjoy a night of song. So here we are again, July 27th hosting the 2nd annual MUSIC ON THE LANE. I will once again share songs I've written along with the stories and faith journey that have inspired them. 

My heartbeat in hosting this in our neighborhood is 1) to gather together neighbors, friends and locals, providing an opportunity for relational connection and 2) to enjoy and be encouraged in truth & beauty through the music that i…

April Song: The Long View

My song for April, The Long View came right at the tail end of the month (the last day to be exact). I had thoughts and a melody swirling around my head all month, as well as ideas for another song, but I just couldn't seem to pull it together. I have had other committments on my plate keeping me busy, yes. But to be honest, April brought with it a cloud of fog and a general lack of motivation, and that affected my motivation to sit down at the piano and do the work needed to bring the chaos of all my ideas into the order of a song, (which is my favorite definition of creativity by the way..."bringing order to chaos").  

And yet, I knew I wanted to keep my goal of writing a song each month. I had desire, but was lacking the get-up-and-go. When I finally sat down, I found that it just kind of all spilled out of me.  There are a couple good reminders in this for me. 

The first is that even when I'm not at the piano pulling it all together, the work is, no doubt, being do…

March Song: This Table

Hey there. Thanks for making the extra click or two to land here.  If you're new to this song-of-the-month gig you can get caught up here & here

This month's song, This Table, came only as a title idea a couple months ago - a concept really, all centering around what happens for our family at the supper table. It's simple really. Daily and mundane actually, and yet, profound. 

The more I thought about all of the life that happens around the table each night I realized it falls into the category of a rhythm of grace. Do you know what I mean? They are those things that are built into the reoccuring structure of our lives.  We don't wonder if these things will be there, we don't shift them around too much. They, in a sense, force us to come, and we've come to expect them. They are there however, because we've made them a habit. We've established a rhythm.  

And yet, sometimes those rhythms are all but warm and fuzzy.  A lot of those rhythms are hard-fou…

Hymn Hotspot: Lily of the Valley

Once in awhile I love working on a good hymn re-tune and/or a cover song, so you might get some of that here, in addition to my original work.  While I've already shared my new song for February, I'm also sharing a new-to-me-maybe-new-to-you hymn this week, Lily of the Valley.  

My friend Beth Leao paints beautiful watercolors onto recycled hymn pages. Last Spring I bought this piece of her artwork.I immediately fell in love with the colors and design of this particular floral arrangement. I took a look at the hymn title "Lily of the Valley", and thought, "never heard of it but it sounds nice". Ha!  So I bought it.

At home I read the lyrics of the hymn before hanging it in just the perfect spot in our bathroom. I was stunned. While the entire premise of the song is the supremacy of Jesus over anything and anyone, I was especially moved personally. Every single line references themes of  God's deep work He's been doing in me over the past three years. …


Hey friends - thanks for stopping by here. If you don't know, I'm sharing a new song each month this year.  Check out January's song here.  February's song came together right on the heels of last month's, so here we are already with Celebrate.  

The Back Story
I've heard a repeating conversation over time..snippets and comments made here and there all circulating around the idea of social media sharing.  I was involved in a conversation over the holidays I could understand. One person said they didn't like the way that social media seems to encourage people to post only the highlight reel of their lives, but everyone agreed we don't want to see anyone's ugly fight with their spouse posted either. Another person shared they stopped posting altogether because they didn't want to be seen as bragging, but we also agreed that it's special for family and friends across the miles to share in our joy and milestones.  I think we all sat there feeling …


Hey, hey friends! I've set a goal to write at least one new song each month this year and share those with you here. I want you to know that these songs are less "studio-ready-quality" and more "here's a cup of coffee - please come sit in my living room while I share a song with you".

So come sit:) Here's January's song, Come Alive. You can listen to it and read the lyrics by following this link:
(You can also use the player below, but I believe you'll need to have the SoundCloud App for that - fyi:)
Come Alive was largely shaped as I considered the beautiful piece of stained glass art at left and the Sripture it references, Romans 6. The artwork was once donated to Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center, and now sits above my piano. I am so grateful to have this piece in our home. The more you stare at it, the more the images themselves seem to come alive.

Come Alive
Inspired by Romans 6 a…

New Song: House of Sojourning

A friend of mine recently encouraged me with Psalm 119:54, "Your statutes have been my songs, in the house of my sojourning."After reading it a whole string of thoughts came as I processed what it meant in context, and what it means for my life.  The idea of my own home being the place where I have sojourned (traveled), is a deeply meaningful and in the most practical sense, true concept.

And really, this is God's design - that our homes, the ones we grew up in, and also the ones we are now inhabiting, are meant to be the places where we learn, fail, grow, sojourn to places we need to go.  Our homes and everything (and one!) in them, is what God is using to take us to school. And it's no joke. And even truer is that His Word is meant to be a traveling companion on this trip.
Songwriting notes: I wanted to capture both the teaching and the travel idea that comes through in the psalm, so I wrote that into the verses. The chorus brings the answer....I am a sojourner in thi…

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