Like Rain

2 Samuel 23:4 "He dawns on them like the morning light, like the sun shining forth on a cloudless morning, like rain that makes grass to sprout from the earth.
I went for a run this morning, (and when I say run I mean shuffling my feet slightly faster than a walking pace - you won't catch me entering a 5K any time soon). 

Spring has finally arrived in the north-woods and we got a rain shower overnight. This morning the mist and sprinkles held on a bit and made my time on the trail refreshing. 

I don't even need to say this because likely this includes you, but the entire mid-west is coming out of what feels like the  To say we're all thankful for the spring is well, you know...obvious.

But the spring thaw and the rain that falls, and the green that starts popping up is like all of nature screaming wildly of the new work that God does.  I really cannot get over it and it catches me off guard each year. It's really all quite amazing.

While visitin…

Showing Up to the Market

So you know when you’re at the Farmer’s Market and you’re walking along looking for just the right home-grown goodness that suits you?Many of the vendors are selling very similar products…and some are very different.What if the farmers and vendors just decided not to show up one day?What if they thought “what’s one more tomato?”, or “what’s one more home-made rug?”.

Okay, so I’m realizing that showing up and sharing the music I’ve written is a similar feeling. Many times I’m tempted to think, “Does this world really need another song?” and “Why would someone choose my music when there’s crazy-amazing-talented-soul-feeding music already out there?” 
But a wise musician-friend has encouraged me to think of offering my music and letting people walk up and down the row, taking a peak and at least giving them a chance to see if it suits them - if it speaks to them. And it won’t for everyone.It might be the vendor three tables down that draws them in.That’s okay, because really, the world doe…

Gracefully Truth Guest Post: Righteous Anger

I stood there holding the severed kitchen faucet handle, adrenaline still pumping. My then five-year-old son had been helping me rinse dishes. Our stubborn hearts were at odds. He was ignoring my instruction. I was being controlling. In anger, I slammed my hand down on the faucet breaking it beyond repair. Shame, sadness, and despair rushed over me....

It's difficult to share such vulnerable, raw moments, but I'm glad to do so in order to declare the truth of God and His promises for us in this world.  To keep reading about my journey with unrighteous anger and finding the path to anger that honors God, hop on over to my guest post for Gracefully Truthful.


Gracefully Truthful Guest Post: Fanny Crosby

Pity for my condition was the most common response from others.

I knew better though.

I knew that this blindness – it was a gift.

If I had been sighted, I would have been distracted by great and wonderful things making it more difficult to focus on what God wanted me to learn and do in my lifetime....

Head over to Gracefully Truthful today to read the rest of the auto-biographical re-telling of beloved hymn-writer Fanny Crosby.

Song Re-write: Humanity

One of the unique experiences of my time at the song-writing retreat, was receiving one-on-one feedback on two of my songs from both Christa Wells and Nicole Witt.  Well, actually that makes it a two-on-one I guess:) Feedback from people who know what they're talking about has been something I've longed for.  I was a little nervous walking into that time, but they put me at ease and made me love the new possibilities even more than the song I had.  I am so grateful for the time they each took to listen to my songs, and then to carefully give encouragement and some constructive criticism.

We spent the most time on my song, Humanity. We worked together a bit at the keyboard and they gave me some great jumping off points to make the song even better.  

The biggest changes I've made are in the tempo. It is overall more upbeat, with the chorus especially taking on more movement so it pops more.  I also cut the lyrics of the chorus in half, focusing on the most compelling lines.  

Continuing Education

Just days after flipping the calendar to 2018, I stepped out and did something completely out of the norm and out of my comfort zone. It was something I was equally excited and terrified to be a part of. Have you been in that place before?

For several years now I've been writing songs and developing my musicianship in such a way to hone that craft. I've done it on the fly, in the fringe moments, after little ones in bed, while flipping pancakes, and on long drives with a recorder in my hand.  God has little by little been placing song ideas within me, and I've hard to carve out the space to get them out of me.  Musically speaking, some have been really bad songs....some have some potential, and some have just needed some re-working to get a little better, truer, tighter.  

I've grown to a place of contentment to continue on this song-writing journey within the life God's give me.  And yet, I've longed for a community of like-minded artists who might be able to sp…

Glory to the New Born King!: Guest Post at Gracefully Truthful

Charles Wesley is one of the greatest hymn writers in church history, having penned approximately 6,500 in his lifetime.  It was within one year of Wesley’s coming to faith in Christ that he wrote the theologically-rich Christmas hymn, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing....

Join me over at Gracefully Truth today to continue reading about this gospel rich hymn that articulates Christ's mission...