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At the beginning of this new year I was renewed with the freeing thought that Jesus takes what we bring, what we offer to Him, in faith, and makes it into what He wants it to be. What it needs to be.  Did He not do that with the two loaves and five fish? He turned and gave thanks to God above, and then met the very real needs of the people in front of him with what seemed like a highly improbable and disproportionate offering.  There had to have been snickers and eye-rolling at the thought that a child's meager lunch would fill the thousands.  But that's what God chose to do.  He took something that appeared so outrageously lacking, so that in the end He would be glorified.  

He's not looking for me to execute a slick plan, pushing and pulling until it all falls perfectly into place. I've been there - striving for too much and gaining so little. But what do I have? Bring that. Bring whatever I can to the day. It might not feel like much. It might feel like crumbs on the…

This One Day

I had to sing this song to the Lord and as a reminder to myself again this morning. I wrote it a year ago but its truth I need everyday. It was born as I wrestled out the seemingly opposing value my mind had assigned between the daily mundane and repetitive task of serving my family, with the eternal vision of advancing the kingdom of God. I needed to remind myself of truth - that though I look at the things that are seen, God looks at the heart. He sees the unseen. He is moving through my everyday - through the silence, through the un-applauded moments, through the simple acts that carry a day.  If He is in it, it carries more weight than we can fathom. 

And He's not just moving despite the mundane, He's moving because of the mundane. He's doing a new thing, and all of those little moments are building us - you and me and the little people (or big people?:), we are caring for and serving. He's bringing His kingdom come through the mundane, daily moments. 

And the most h…

Good and Faithful

My husband told me to take off after supper - to take some time alone, to clear my mind, to step away from the chaos that had mounted in my mind and heart that week.  Long summer days are both life-giving and life-draining, but one was tipping the scale to the other.

A little reading time, a little reflection, some drive time and much prayer later, my heart was still heavy with what didn't add up in my heart.  I knew I was failing over and over. I knew I was not investing in my littles the way they needed.  I knew my attitude stunk.  I knew I wasn't living up to the calling God had for my life. 

As I got closer to home a sadness washed over me as I thought about the end, the time when Christ Himself and I would reflect on my life, my choices, my days.  "I don't think I'll hear 'well done, good and faithful'", I thought.  I felt crushed in spirit. I felt defeat.

And sometimes, I sit there.

But the Spirit of God wouldn't let me wallow there long. He kep…

Mercy Reigns

The song below was born from a single little phrase that welled up out of me during the crazy get-up-and-get-everyone-out-the door routine one morning.  This little phrase..."mercy doesn't ruin, it reigns".  It caught me by surprise but I recorded those few words right away to come back to.  As I mulled over what that meant, I realized that so often with my people (the hubs, and especially the littles), I am quick to correct, to point out a wrong, to steer in the direction I think they need to go.  My motivation to teach to the heart starts out sincere, but quickly declines into soldier-mom, wielding the quips and orders to fall in line. I would have never consciously thought this, but I am learning that my heart fears if I go too easy or overlook an offense, I'll "rui"n the hardened person I'm dealing with - allowing them to sit in their sin. But the truth is, it's me that's hardening.  This has far-reaching application for all of my relationsh…