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Do you ever wish you could go back to your younger self and give her some advice, a warning perhaps, a hug, encouragement and maybe a little pep talk?  I think about this all of the time. 

Sometimes I think I'd cry with her and say "I know, I know..its so hard right now". Or maybe I might just lock her up in her room.  Other times I want to give her the things I have tucked in my pocket that I've found to be helpful to me now. But mostly I think I'd just want to give her a big hug.

I think this is mostly what sweet, well-meaning people are speaking out of when they speak into our worlds, into our season, with advice, input and warnings.  Maybe they're speaking to their younger selves and they don't even know it?  Maybe they see their own regret, their own folly, their own discouragement along the way? And I've caught myself doing the same with others.  Maybe you too?  We want to offer help, peace, comfort. But often we think it comes in the form of our …

The Long-Haul of Friendship

Eight years ago my husband and I waved good-bye to our families, our friends and the church community we’d been surrounded by since childhood. With stars in our eyes we pulled a U-haul out of the city we’d grown up in and headed hundreds of miles away into a new adventure.
Our excitement to join staff at a ministry we loved carried us through the difficult departure. But by the time the moving truck was unloaded, a cloud began forming over my head.  We had just left a life where we had history, where we were known and where we were understood.  Now, for the first time Iwas the new one. For the first time I was the one feeling unfamiliar. And for the first time, I felt the insecurity of not knowing or being known....
To keep reading, head on over to (in)courage*, where I'm delighted to be a guest writer today, sharing the rest of my journey of being new, forming friendships, and being fully known by a great God.

*(in)courage is an online community formed for women to come together an…


About three years ago I was out to breakfast with my sister-in-law. During our conversation I was lamenting to her about my continued struggles and anger with one child in particular. I explained the hard hearted-ness and pride I was observing in this child and how I was beside myself in knowing what to do.  She graciously asked me a pointed question. "Do you look into the future and imagine rebellion and disaster in your child's life?" Gulp. "...Yes...that's me." The conversation unfolded into a delicate but needed discovery for me to realize a few things.

Motherhood had pushed a lot of junk in my heart to the surface that I was beginning to come to terms with.  Anxiety is one of them. But not the sweet kind that worries if your newborn is catching a cold, or if your two-year-old will miss you in the church nursery, or if your kindergartener will remember to wash her hands after using the bathroom.  I mean, I guess I think about those things.  But my anxiet…