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Lay it Down

All of my sin struggles can be boiled down to how much I'm willing to lay my life down.  I was reminded of this while reading the book Mom Enough this past winter. It's an excellent, encouraging, and Biblical book written by several Desiring God authors.  (You can get a free digital copy here).

There was a theme in the book of laying down one's life for the sake of the gospel, and how for a mom, regardless of your vocation, season or location, that means dying to yourself over and over.  As I was reading, it dawned on me that I've been viewing death to myself as only that....death. Death to wants, desires, plans, comforts, to the way I want things to go - even good things

And the dying is important - critical even. But I'd forgotten that's just the beginning. 

I'd been neglecting to give space for and expect what God does when we lay ourselves down and die.  He doesn't just ask us to die and stay dead, lifeless, bound alone by duty. Instead He breathes n…

A Tribute to Mom

I've had a few ideas rolling around in my mind as I've reflected on my childhood and what I remember. There are painful memories and joyful ones, like anyone I'm sure. But what I most hold on to is thankfulness for what was and what is. It could be because I'm in the middle the little years with my own children, but I often think back to my own little years and think of my mom's sacrifice and provision. 
I often wonder, though, what my own children will remember about their childhood (and what I hope they forget:/), and it draws me into my own memories. 

So this song is a tribute to my mom and to God's faithfulness poured out in my life through hers. And while the song focuses on my childhood, it's not to say that her mothering is all in the past.  She still an amazing, encouraging, steady mom, with a faith in an amazing God who has shown grace, forgiveness, mercy, redemption and hope throughout her life. She really has been there all of my days, and continue…