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The Gift

About two years ago I headed out to camp for the evening. I had asked the hubs if there was a way to fit in time for me to practice piano more, free of distraction, and he agreed to help make that happen. I had discovered earlier in the month that the prayer chapel at camp had a basic keyboard in it for anyone to play.  This was it! This was where I would sneak away to regularly to get into a routine of building up my musical skills, and carving out time to write as well.

So I bundled up my music, my journal, my recorder and eagerly arrived ready to play, worship and write. But as I stepped in, my heart sunk. The keyboard wasn't there. I later found out it had been moved to a different part of camp to be used by guest groups and was unavailable for the time being. This was completely was camp's keyboard after all.  But I felt stuck. I wanted movement, but felt stuck, stuck, stuck.  I knew it was silly to be so disappointed over a little detail, but I couldn…