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I'm learning the value of being small....not just in stature, (yes ma'am I did stop growing in 6th grade), but in position. Emily Freeman, a favorite author and blogger of mine, has woven a theme of "celebrating your smallness" into her writing, (her latest just arrived at my doorstep and I'm about to tear into it).  But not in the throw-yourself-a-party kind of celebration. It's much more the idea of embracing that our smallness is a good thing.

Freeman discusses this idea of smallness and how it goes against the very current of our modern culture. That current gets a little bossy if we let it and make us feel all kinds of inadequacies and desperations. It can tempt us to do exhausting, soul-draining things to feel value, be seen, known, or heard.  

Have you found yourself in a season, situation, or position where you don't clearly see what's happening - what God might be doing? Or you don'tt even clearly see what you're doing - if you're d…