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Jesus You are Here

Living in the messy, hurtful, painful places can just about break me in two. I'm tempted to bear the weight of the mess, but when I take that tempting invitation it always leaves me feeling undone, unable, and at the end of myself. 

Sin is the culprit. Because when sin entered the world, a great chasm was carved between what should be and what is. I know Christ already bore that weight for me and overcame the battle for my soul on the cross, but there's a common wrestling with all of creation as we long for a future reconciliation that is complete and eternal

Huddled in the middle of hard hearts, raging emotions, children's tantrums, and my own ugly heart, I just want to pull a blanket over my head and wish it all away. Because I'm waiting and longing for what should have been. And I want it now. Because this dim view doesn't feel good or easy. At all. 

But in the presence of brokenness, beauty shows up.  And peering through the darkness comes a light...even if only…