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For Our Good

This past summer I started working on a song based on the text found in Romans 8:31-39, which speaks to the gracious nature of God's love as displayed through Jesus.  I have been dwelling on this idea that if the depths of God's love compelled Him to give up His only Son to death for us, then that same love compels Him to walk with me daily and to give me grace each day in different forms and in different ways.  

When Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane the night He was betrayed, He asked God, if it were possible, to remove the cup before Him...but instead God provided strength through an angel that ministered to His Spirit. Then Jesus prayed that the Father's will might be done.  He embraced the cup and was strengthened for the soul-wrenching task ahead. 

In my human perspective and fallenness, I want my "cups" to pass. They hurt and they don't feel good, and they are hard, and I don't plan for them.  And though mine pale in comparison to the cup laid be…


We traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday and had the opportunity to join the church family we grew up with for their Thanksgiving service. Traditionally, a portion of the service is carved out to allow for people to stand and give thanks to God for anything over the past year.  

As I sat and listened to testimony after testimony, there was a common thread throughout that I couldn't ignore. Just about every single person who spoke, gave thanks to God for a hard road, for a trial, for a season of suffering or difficulty. 


Because they saw God with them in it.  The trial led them to the only sure and steady thing they have  - the unfailing, unfaltering love of Jesus their Savior.

I was struck and forced to look at my own life.  Could I say thank you for the hard in my life? For my own fog I find myself in this season? I soaked it all in, thinking about when this is easier to see God and when it's harder.  (And yes, then I scribbled down my lyrical thoughts in the middle of a c…