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I Don't Have to be One Thing

Songwriting has become a regular rhythm to my life. Like a comfortable friend who's there but not overly flashy. Who you know is ready to pick right back up where you left off, but doesn't make you feel guilty when you're apart. Songwriting has been so good and life-giving - but not because there's power in the song itself. More certainly it's because the message or truths finding their way into the songs are being poured out of a heart that needs to sing them - spurred on, I believe, by the Spirit working in me. I find myself needing to remember who I am in Christ, so a song about identity is written. I find myself lost in a bit of despair, so words of God's steadfast love and faithfulness bleed out. I see that I have unmet longings, so I cry out to God to meet them.

They are songs I need to sing, so I write them.

Could I find songs to sing that others have written? Absolutely, and I sing theirs too. But the process it takes to pray, brainstorm, craft and orga…