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Beautifully Undone

I have attempted to write a song that encapsulates a slice of how my children have changed me and shaped me. There's so much I didn't know before I had them - so much I didn't even think about knowing or expecting. So much I didn't know about myself and my own shortcomings and limitations and my own need for the grace of Jesus.

More accurately, it is not the children who have changed me, but they have been tools used by the holy wisdom of God to change me. To bring me to a place (over and over and over) of being beautifully undone. 

The definitions of "undone" that helped shape the heart behind the chorus are that of being "not accomplished, not completed." Having children has made it very clear step-by-step, that I am very much not accomplished, not put-together, not complete.   There's a level of self-sufficiency I thought I had before children. There were areas of accomplishment and achievement that, well, came rather easily. And the calling of…