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Show Up

Show Up, is a song written about the common struggle to see that your life matters and to be fully present to that life - wherever and however that might be. Showing up awake and alive to our own lives as God has designed and given them is about as meaningful as they can get. Emily Freeman, a favorite author and creative of mine, says some pretty powerful words here about showing up. This concept has influenced me greatly over the past year, and still inspires me (obviously in this song!) today.  The lyrics are not all auto-biographical, but rather speak in general to a common human struggle and need.

The lyrical concept of this song's been brewing for awhile and I just finished it up this week. When I say finish...I mean, as much as possible. I'm trying to be disciplined to finish a song before moving on to another one, but still allowing the time and energy to make it the best song I know how to write.  They say the first 200 songs a songwriter cranks out are just "so-so…