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New Song: Hard Things

A few nights ago I woke up around 1 am because a child needed me.  I'm usually able to cash back out after helping the kids in the middle of the night but this time I was wide awake, (though tired to the bone, you know?), and just couldn't fall back asleep. My mind ending up rolling around a lot of different thoughts and a few lines that felt like possible song lyrics started popping into my head. I know better than to dismiss it and think I'll remember it in the morning! So I got up and went to the living room to jot them down.  I scribbled down a chorus and most of a verse.  

My pastor, who is the father of four sons, has shared many times over the years how he implores his sons to rise to the occasion and "do hard things".  And while I'm sure he's not the first to coin this phrase, I've heard him say many times, "hard things are worth doing". 

This is the line that was rolling around in my head that night, and the subsequent lyric lines as …

For the Word-givers, the Truth-tellers, the Window-openers

The kids and I were out and about over the weekend and stopped at a friend's garage sale. Much to my kid's delight, a deluge of books, videos and odds & ends were thrown into our van as the sale was dwindling and my friends were quite ready to part with the rest. 

Included in the heap of treasures was a delightful book called Frederick, by Leo Lionni. I am only now discovering what an absolute gift this author is in the world of children's books.  His artistic ability coupled with his overall themes of community and the human condition are a rarity in children's literature. His writing reaches children, and yet far beyond to all ages and now I kind of want to get my hands on all of this books.  (You can read all about the fascinating Mr. Lionni here.)

So amidst the rain storms we've had over the last few days the kids and I snuggled into the couch to read and ended up captivated by the beautiful story of Frederick the mouse. I'm not sure of another time when …