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New Song: The Work of our Here and Now

The second songwriting contest I participated in this week was for the Bifrost Faith & Vocation Songwriting Contest.  You can check out the details here if you're interested, but here's an excerpt describing the heart behind this specific writing contest:

"The word 'vocation' comes from the Latin vocationem meaning 'a calling, a being called.' Christians believe that in Jesus Christ, God is calling human beings not only into a new relationship with Him through conversion and sanctification, but also into a new relationship with the world through vocation. Whether we work in bedrooms or boardrooms, on the trading floor or the threshing floor, God is at work, building His kingdom here on earth, even as it is in heaven. This is the core conviction of this project. However, many Christians struggle with deep doubts that their work does not actually matter. Because of this, our worship services can take on a gnostic quality. The experience many seek in worsh…

New Song: Wait for the Lord - Psalm 130

This week I submitted a song to the Praise Charts Songwriting Competition this week.  I feel weaker in writing congregational worship songs.  They need to be lyrically simple, yet theologically meaty. They should be easy for the average person to sing, but not musically boring.  I, however, am a little too wordy, love analogies a little too much, and tend to stylize my singing toward a jazzy syncopation;) writing for a congregation is a challenge and I never quite feel like I've cranked out a "good" corporate worship song. However, I entered this, (and another worship song competition,) to help give me some external goals in honing this genre a bit more. 

The truth is though, I LOVE the concept and heart of serving the local body with songs and I think as a songwriter (or anyone really), the best way you can use your gift is serving your own people - the faces you do life with on a regular basis. I just need to keep writing in this way even though it doesn't quit…