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New seasons, new paths. Same calling, same love.

This week our kids headed back to school. For our youngest Lucy, this was the start of school altogether for her. They all have been so very excited - talking about it for weeks now. Lucy has been ready to go to kindergarten awhile now, with no fear or hesitation. She's been walking the halls in and out to get the older two for three years. We are so thankful they all have an enthusiastic perspective on school right now. We know it may not always be this way, but we'll take it! We are so crazy thankful for our school and teachers! Of course we squeezed in the expected before school pictures. 

While I was walking this morning on a path I haven't walked alone in ages, I was reflecting on this new season and how much I actually haven't reflected on its approach.  There's been so much going on for me personally this summer, and then the build up to fall ministry, getting kids ready for school and tying up summer ministry, that I've felt a bit like a train. I've…