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"Where ever you are is a good and important place. Start there." - Gary Morland

Today I'm so thankful for something so small. Three months ago we had to tear up half the carpet in our basement (water issues...long story...all is well now). But it took awhile to get the basement back to it's original state. My piano had been carted around the room along with my music, notebooks, and gear. It was fine - I was fine. I knew it was just for a time. The piano was still functional and I was still able to practice through music as needed. But I slowly realized over the fall that I had lost some momentum - I hadn't finished writing a song since early September, which again, was okay, but usually I tend to write about one a month. I should add that God has given me several other good and worthy things - even outside of my role in the home - to focus energy to - so I chalked the slump in writing up to that.

But yesterday we were able to get the piano back where it belongs and I was able to set my playing/writing space back up. I didn't realize just how uns…