Weekend Songwriting

Sometimes songs are written from pieces and fragments pulled together from the notebook in my purse.. from last week's thoughts, or last month's sermon, or things I've been teaching others all year, while learning them for myself in cycles. 

And sometimes I have to scratch out things I thought were super brilliant, because in the end they were actually horrible. I'm in the middle of all of that right now on a song I've been putting off getting out of my head for months.  I'm trying to resist the excitement of "finishing a song", and instead am making sure each line, each phrase, each word and each part of the melody is the best that I can write right now.  

If you're a song-writer, or creative of any nature, do you tend to rush to finish your song (or project), though not your best work, or do you labor over it so much in perfection that it you never complete and release it?  I'm working on the balance :)


  1. Sometimes the Lord makes the words just flow out of me and I sit back in awe of Him using me as a vessel. Other times I need to get it out - even if it's rough and not quite right - so I don't forget the idea. If I don't at least get it out, I've lost the beauty of the idea and can't remember the exact way I was thinking it through. Often I need to edit, pray, save and walk away, reworking those areas until they say exactly what I mean. I try not to publish anything that can't stand on its own and speak to the reader the way I want it to.

  2. Thank you Lori for sharing your process. I totally hear you on needing to just get.it.down. before you lose it. I jsut got another portable recorder to throw in my purse for that reason. I do a lot of driving so a lot of thoughts and ideas come to mind then, but I can't scribble them down! Also, "Pause before Publish" could be a life motto for all of us! :)


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