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Safe & Familiar

My older two just spent a week overnight at camp. Granted, this is the same camp we work at, and it is only 10 minutes away, but this was the first time they'd been away from home for this many days, so this was a big deal. I knew they'd have a blast.  I had no problem dropping them off. I knew I had seen enough maturity in them to know they could self-regulate to a degree on their own, they could follow instructions and avoid death for the most part;)

I had braced myself for picking them up this morning, knowing that I was about to gain back two exhausted, hyper, full-of-stories, and perhaps crabby kiddos.  I wanted to be as patient and loving as possible with the transition home and into normalcy....something I needed grace for.  
What I didn't realize is how ready they truly would be to come home. Of course they're catching me up on camp stories about games experienced, songs learned, one-on-ones with counselors, Bible teaching lessons, funny cabin moments, and tough…