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Mercy: thoughts & a song based on Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is probably one of most well known passages in Scripture both by the believing world and secular alike. But it's also one that has brought intense comfort to the same respectively, over the ages. At first glance it makes sense's a beautiful image drawn by the Psalmist David, using the metaphor of sheep and their shepherd as mankind with God. 

But what's more is that this brief passage, only six verses, contains the scope of a man's life.  Periods of dark, near-death experiences, even being disciplined and trained by the Shepherd, are sandwiched between the proclamation of this same Shepherd's gentle hand of restoration, and His provisional hand of abundance. And yet somehow it doesn't come across as reductionist, but profound, (which by the way is a huge statement to the utterly gifted artistic nature of the Scripture writers - Psalms in particular!)

The past couple years I've been most struck by the little phrase that David exclaims near t…