I grew up in the plains state of Nebraska, but enjoyed the city/suburb dynamics of living in lovely Omaha. That’s where I also attended college and married my husband, Sam. In the summer of 2006 God transplanted us to the north-woods of Wisconsin to work full-time at Forest Springs Camp & Conference – a year-round, non-profit ministry to all ages.  We’ve been married 13 years and have three grade-school children who are pretty much hilarious, wonderful and exhausting all in the same breath.

We bought a fixer-upper kind of a house situated on six acres.  It’s been an up and down roller-coaster of projects that are never-ending, but we are thankful and see this is the exact place that God wanted us to have. When we first moved in, many asked if we were going to get a dog, (with all the land…..apparently that’s what you do;).  We both agreed we are not crazy about owning pets. My husband, however, suggested getting a pig so we could butcher it for meat…to which this city-grown girl replied, “we are NOT pig people!” HA!  However, I sure have grown to love our nine chickens! 

We are thankful to be on staff as a family at ForestSprings.  My role there is a mixture of things – which is exactly the way I like it.  I help lead worship music for various events, decorate the main buildings, (think mantels & small arrangements), stuff 15,000 piece mailings on occasion, mentor young staff gals, write curriculum for children’s classes and help with other needs that arise. Sam’s main responsibility is Building Maintenance Specialist, caring for the numerous buildings at camp but finds himself in all kinds of corners of camp at times. He’s a steady, hard-working kind of a guy!

I’ve been trusting in Jesus as my Savior since I was about six years old, but I’ve been on the sharpest spiritual learning curve over the past decade.  It could be due to uprooting our lives and starting EVERYTHING new, or it could be entering motherhood and phasing in and out of emotional stress.  It could be that God has been drawing me nearer to Himself which means revealing more of the junk in my heart that grieves Him.  I’m sure it’s a combination of all of that.  I’m thankful for His grace and mercy shown in Jesus, which gives me hope for a future.

Thank you for reading and listening to my content!