Smith Design Signs

I've always loved the process of taking something old, used, or worn, and creating new life and beauty out of it. I've been doing this in my home for years simply because I enjoy it but also out of frugality.  Specifically, I've been making home decor signs for a few years to give as gifts, decorate out at camp, and to use in my own home. 

In the summer of 2016 I realized I was going to need to make a little extra income to support my musician equipment needs and development.  I posted a few hand-lettered signs for sale on Facebook and found immediate interest there.  A local friend saw my designs, reached out, and invited me to partner with her in selling my signs in her shop. 

My work, Smith Design Signs, is now being sold at The Bella Zenn Salon Spa & Eco-Boutique, located in Medford, Wisconsin.  I am incredibly grateful to Chelsea for allowing me the space and exposure to make my signs available to the local community.  

The process of finding and gathering wood, picture mattes, canvases and materials to create hand-lettered art has been exhilarating!  I have also found the actual hand-painting of the lettering to be quite relaxing and therapeutic.  A cup of coffee, podcast on, and a paint brush in hand is my sweet spot. To know that my creative work is bringing life and joy to the personal space of another is thrilling for me!

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work, please visit The Bella Zenn Salon & Eco-Boutique located at 515 N 7th Street, Medford, Wisconsin.  While you're there, take a look around and get to know Chelsea and the girls!  It's a sweet place full of good-for-you health and beauty products & services, as well as a beautifully unique gift buying hot-spot.

I am also available for custom work depending on availability of supplies and schedule. You may send me inquiries at

Take a view of some of my work (photographs courtesy of Bella Zenn)