There’s a lot of noise on the internet, right?  A lot of good noise, even. This blog could be read and seen by some as just adding another form of static. But in the words of the wonderful Sara Groves, I'm wanting to  “add to the beauty”.  Not with my head in the sand, mind you, but with my eyes wide open to the reality of pain, suffering, joy, celebration, grief and redemption.  The truest Beauty I know transcends all of that every single day. 

Sometimes words are art, sometimes medicine. At times they are excruciating, and often they are downright hilarious.  But the Word of God is the truest word I know.  There’s a ton of mystery in this life still, but I’m trying to see and respond to the world, looking for how it points us to God Himself.

I blog here for three reasons. The first two are because writing + creating have internal motivations for me. First, they help me flesh out what I am processing and land in a place of what I know to be true.  Secondly, writing + creating have come to be an act of worship – a spiritual discipline if you will, as I desire that whatever I do, it may be done to the glory of God (I Corinthians 10:31). 

So why publicly share? I've wrestled this one for awhile, trust me. I'm not trying to build a huge platform, or reign in a following. 

No, my third reason for sharing here publicly is that I'm just trying to be faithful with what I have and more specifically with what God has done. Even if that means this blog connects with ten people. Because it seems that God has placed things inside me that He wants to come out, and I think it's to the point where it is no longer an option not to share. So I am seeking how to best steward what HE has done in me and through me, despite of me, and offer it to others, while still casting the spotlight on the name of Jesus. 

As each human is made in His image (whether they know it or not), this is what He desires for all - that we might reflect His glory. For followers of Jesus, He is already doing this in the way He has made us, according to His will!  I wrote the following song when I was wrestling through this truth and seeing how God chooses to show Himself in a thousand different ways.  It's the same truth, the same one, holy God, yet He's so creatively choosing to use His people and the way He's intricately made each one of us, to reveal His glory to others.  

Thousand Different Ways
Words + Lyrics by Tawnya Smith
*recording is amateur - thanks for understanding

You show the beauty of your glory
An artist tells the story
It stirs something inside and makes me come alive
You are strength and song
Calling me to come along
To taste and see and to speak new life

You're the steady river running through our hands and feet
And in a thousand different ways you show your truth and beauty
So in smallness I now bow, cause I'm a part of this somehow

You send forth your Word
In faith it's deeply heard
Redemption received for one, as a child
Hands kindly serve, taking in the undeserved
Speaking hope and living love that's undefiled

Bridge x3
You move
You breathe
You live in us
...to bring your kingdom come

Summer into fall
The change is magical
What a picture of beauty is found in death
Winter brings to sleep
All the eyes can see
Before we know spring brings new life, we've not been left